How Did Man Learn To Swim?

Our earliest man had evolved to conquer waters in a form of swimming in order to survive. Today, man used swimming as a form of sport or recreational activity. But do we know how did man learn how to swim and what are the different styles in swimming?

Man naturally lived in land and swimming is not part of his life. As many marine animals naturally swim, man needs to learn how to swim.

In history, swimming was highly rated in the ancient days in the Greece and Rome as a part of training their warriors.

In nature, man has learned how to swim by watching marine animals which swims naturally by instinct. Our ancestors probably learned how to swim because of survival instinct in which certain conditions had made them adapted to swim in order to get food and survive.

History suggests that man had first attempted to swim by

imitating the dogs. This stroke is still being used today and was names as the “dog paddle”. But man wanted to conquer the water and evolved many ways of swimming that gives him more buoyancy. Man wanted to have the opportunity to coordinate the motions of his arms and legs. So, for thousands of years, man developed the method of swimming known as the “breast stroke”. This swimming style is still being used by people particularly as a restful method of distance swimming in rough open waters like rivers.

The next stroke that man developed in water swimming is the side stroke. In this stroke, the “scissors kick” came to be. This was followed by the more popular “over-arm” stroke. In this stroke, the upper arm was extended out

of the water to allow a longer arm pull which eventually produced greater speed and distance for every stroke made.

The next stroke that was invented by man is called the “Trudgen” (named after John Trudgen, an Englishman who introduced it in the year 1783). In this stroke, the arm was alternately used for swimming in an over-arm manner coupled with a scissors kick. In this swimming style, Trudgen broke so many records that until today, man are still using it.

The next form of swimming was called the “crawl stroke”. This form of swimming came to be known because its original form resembles that of a man crawling. This form of swimming style was introduced by Richard Cavill in 1902. Cavill had learned this swimming style from the native people of Australia. This was first called as the “Australian crawl”. People using this swimming style had broke many swimming records that it was termed as the “speediest” of all the swimming strokes developed by man.

Today, man had not only perfected the art of swimming but introduce it as a form of sport to which man completes for the fastest in many categories.

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