How Human Activities Affects The Destruction Of Rainforest

It is not enough that we should educate ourselves of the importance of rainforest; but rather we should act on how to prevent its destruction. a simple act of planting tree would have a great impact if done by just a million people.
How Human Activities Affects the Destruction of Rainforest
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We all know that we are just a small part of God’s creation. And as His greatest masterpiece, we had given the most important role of taking care of the Earth and all of its creatures. As every life form has a place on the Earth, every living thing is important to other or to someone. As part of the entire web of life, each creature is no less more important than another.

With the very rapid human population growth, the patterns of human consumption also increased dramatically which resulted to a great stress on our already overused environment. And these

human interventions had lead to   great losses in our biodiversity. This raises some serious questions of whether or not human consumptions are already exceeded the overall capacity of Mother Earth. For one, its ability to provide humans with land for the ever growing population and its ability to sustain enough mass of fertile soil, clean air and water.

Rainforests are the world’s air conditioners to which it regulates the temperature and weather patterns of the whole Earth. With only 2 percent rainforest of the Earth’s total land area, it now become that only home to about 50% of the Earth’s total plants and animals. Originally there are about 6 million square miles of tropical rainforest in all parts of the world. But, as a result of global population growth and human intervention, almost 98% of the rainforests was lost. About 5 to 10 percent of the world’s species of plants and animals was extinct per decade. Three thousand years ago,

experts suggest that there are approximately 6 million ingenious people living in the Amazon region. As the rainforest slowly disappeared over time, so did these people. And in early 19th century, there was estimated 250,000 indigenous people left in the Amazon region.

About 7,000 square meters or about the size of a football field is mowed down every second. That is equivalent of 86,400 football fields of rainforest per day or more than 31 million football fields of rainforests per year.  And most of these are happening in many developing countries.

And if the natural selection is a natural phenomenon will resulted to the extinction of many species, then why should be alarmed? In reality, the extinction of different species of plants and animals is not the problem, but the rate of extinction itself. It is because the rate of extinction today is a hundred times higher than that of the last century. And besides, majority of the extinction in the past happened in a natural process, today’s extinction is usually a result f human activates. And some of the major causes can be traced directly (or indirectly) to a human factor such as habitat destruction, fragmentation or break-out of the habitat, over exploitation of plant and animal, deforestation, human settlement, development of land for farming or livestock raising and climate change.

Public awareness is not enough; we should act to save the rainforest for our future and children’s future.

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