Home Safety And Security Tips Everyone Must Know

More often than not, we hear most people say that the home is the safest place in the world. But this statement is normally taken for granted by most of us.
Home Safety and Security Tips Everyone Must Know
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The safest place on earth can become our worst nightmare simply because we neglect that there are important safety rules that we should know and follow at home. Most home accidents, intruders, and other home related crimes are due to carelessness, neglecting of the safety rules or simply not knowing them.

In order to live fully and happy in our home, here are some important safety rules for the home. Knowing them may save a family member's life in the future.

1. Always think safety. Know that a danger could exist everywhere even in the sanctity of our homes.

2. We should realize

that we could become a victim of home robbery. People tend to neglect to secure their houses by simply leaving gates and doors open not having proper security protections.

3. Have a plan and know what you will do if a dangerous situation comes up. A good plan ensures you and other home members a good chance of surviving danger at home. Use good judgment.

4. Always trust your instincts. Our instincts are our first line of defense against any danger at home. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

5. When you are out be aware of your surroundings and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Always exercise caution even if you’re just strolling with your dog outside your home.

6. Carry a mobile phone in case of emergency. Today, this gadget had become a necessity rather than comfort.

7. Keep a directory of emergency numbers posted inside your home to which anyone could access quickly.

8. Choose well-lighted streets when walking at night. Much better if you will not to walk alone at night.

9. Install and use a peephole in your front door. Another first line of defense against danger.

10. Keep drapes or curtain or blinds down after dark. Keeping them open will only give anyone to have a look inside your house without you knowing it.

11. Leave Lights on in two or more rooms to show people that you are home. Installing an efficient, low cost LED lighting in front of your house is also a good idea since a well-lit home keeps unwanted intruders away.

12. Be extremely careful about letting strangers into your home specially if your alone. Have your children instructed not to let any

stranger inside your home.

13. Be suspicious of visits by people that you didn’t call. Electrical repairmen, cable men, or simply strangers who wanted to something fix should always not be trusted unless an appropriate ID is presented.

14. Keep firearms locked, matches, medicines, and hazardous and flammable chemicals out of reach of children. A basic rule that seems to be neglected by many until accidents happens.

15. Be sure to check and correct any faulty electrical wiring. Avoid octopus connections. Do not overload electrical circuits. Much better to have it check by an electrician at least every two years.

16. Keep your home secure at all times. Installing security camera had become a must and is cheaper nowadays.

17. Change the locks after moving into a new house or apartment as friends and neighbors of the people who lived there before may still have a key. Well spent money for a new lock is better than not knowing that someone outside of your family members can still access your home anytime.

18. When you leave make sure that doors and windows are locked specially the kitchen doors and windows.

19. Keep your home’s premises clean and garbage containers covered at all times.

20. Cook your food properly and have clean drinking water available at all times. If you are not sure of the quality of your water, have it boiled first before drinking.

21. Do not leave stoves unattended.

22. Keep track of natural disasters such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes.

23. Never smoke in bed or much better never smoke at all especially if you have children in the family.

24. Observe proper use and maintenance of home tools and equipment. Have it lock on a safe place in which children do not have access.

25. Teach everyone not to divulge their status in any social media sites such as "only one at home, etc."


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